Hunting Georgia

Hunting is something humans used to have to do daily just to survive, but now fewer and fewer people have ever had the experience of going on a hunt. It’s a great time to get close to and earn a lot more respect from nature, too many people haven’t spent any time in nature and don’t have any respect for it. Hunting is so much more than going out and shooting something or setting a simple spring loaded trap and leaving. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time to master, some hunters have to stalk pray for upwards of a week before they’re able to even finally lay eyes on it. A hunt requires great attention to detail, from staying upwind to cover your own scent to knowing all of the sightlines in your area, it all matters. Just remember if you are going out to hunt, it’s not just to kill something. It’s to use the animal as much as you can, eat all that you can and donate what you can’t. Most animals, like deer, that are hunted are pests and have huge numbers – so it’s not like you’re threatening the population in killing one.

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Before a hunt can begin you’ve got some serious things to think about – the location, terrain, the animal you’re hunting, how you plan to kill it, the wind direction, and even more. Gun/weapon safety is of the utmost importance, far too many people have been killed or hurt in accidents that were very avoidable with some basic gun safety. Animals have far sharper senses than us since they are always looking out for predators, so they are going to smell or see you if you’re not careful enough. Camo is important because a lot of animals just look for movement, it helps you blend in and even when moving appear to be still. Hunting is also good teambuilding, if you’re not alone it really makes you get close to the person you’re with. The most popular animals to hunt are deer, wild hogs, and birds. They’re found all across the country in huge numbers.

A true solo hunt is a large undertaking, you’re going to have to deal with every little detail yourself and you better not forget anything unless you want to find yourself taking a long trip. At a hunting lodge all you have to worry about it what time the next meal is at. You’ll be provided with the warm bed, hot meals, and a spot to start your hunt from with all of the gear you need, it doesn’t get much better than that! A lodge just takes all of the less fun parts and takes care of them for you so you can enjoy the fun stuff with no headache. Most lodges are going to have experienced guides on staff to show you the best spots. You should have no shortage of space and land at a hunting retreat.

Hog Hunting

Hunting is a primal activity that’s been practiced for thousands and thousands of years now, it’s something a lot of people find they have an interest for only after trying it themselves. If you don’t like guns you’re not out of options, you can also partake in bow hunting and trapping if that suits you. Hunting Georgia is part skill and experience and equal parts luck and timing. You may see nothing for weeks only to see a herd of them the next day. Hunting on your own is fun but it’s great to start out with a guide that can point you in the right direction. Happy hunting!