The Travel Bucket List That Every One Must Read

The Best Experience:

Travelling is one of the best experience you can have in your entire life. There is nothing compared to the joy of exploring new things and seeing things you have never seen before. Most of us get stuck with our mundane life and never get to go anywhere and miss out the joy and experience of going to a new place. Travelling is like a drug when you truly experience the taste of it; you will get addicted to it. Growing up we would have seen many photos and videos of places all around the world; we would have even studied about them in our history and geography classes, the wonders of the world, ancient civilizations and what not. I am pretty sure that most of us have thought that one day they will visit many places and made a list of all the places.

Growing up, we get other responsibilities we need to take care. They told us to finish school to get a real life, but after school, they told us to get a good degree to settle in life, but only after college does one realize that all these do not make you happy and satisfied. After finishing up your degree, you face the real world, and the real world is harsh. You try hard and hassle with your day job and put in the rest of your energy left in your body in your second-night job. If you happen to be battling in this situation, it is high time you take out the bucket list you had made when days were much simpler and go out exploring the world and bring out the real person in you.

The following are some of my travel Bucket lists:

  • Colosseum, Rome.
  • Northern Lights, Norway.
  • Las Vegas.
  • The Pyramids, Egypt.

Colosseum, Rome:

Colosseum, Rome

I have always been interested in history where Kings fought with each other and captured kingdoms to show their power and strength. In particular, I enjoyed learning about the Roman Empire and their culture. It amazes me how people who lived long back built such beautiful structures. The Colosseum is known as the Flavian Amphitheater. The theater built for entertainment purposes where the Gladiators fought with animals and other men. Famous battles and myths also got enacted in the theater.

 Northern Lights, Norway:

Northern Lights, Norway

The night skies have always got my attention, the joy of seeing a shooting star or simply the clear night skies and admiring the clouds is brilliant. The moment I learned about the Aurora Borealis, it is everything I ever want to see in the entire world. It is hard to explain these lights with words.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has made it to my bucket list as it is the city of gambling. Casinos grab my attention and the media portrays Las Vegas as one of the cities where you could do anything and leave it back there, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”

The Pyramids, Egypt:

The Pyramids, Egypt

The Pyramids are another extraordinary piece of architecture which we can’t possibly imagine how people those days ever managed to build it. The Pyramids always seems to be mysterious and pulls me to see it someday.