Travel Ban In Countries

Trump Muslim Ban:

Donald trump had introduced many rules and laws once he became the 45th President of USA. The travel ban was yet another executive order issued by Donald Trump in the year 2017. This executive order is sometimes called Trump Muslim Ban. This law denies the entry of people forms the 6 Muslim Countries without having close family or Business relationship with the country.

Travel Ban Countries

First Trump has imposed an executive order 13769 which was a 90-day ban on travelers from seven countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The 90 day period was from January 27 to March 16, 2017. There were many protests, and the court lifted this ban and later trump issued the executive order 13780 where Iraq got removed from the previously mentioned Muslim countries.

In this post you will read about the following topics:

  • What is travel Ban?
  • The reason for the ban.
  • Executive order 13769.
  • Executive Order 13780.


What is travel Ban? :

The travel ban is the executive order issued by the president of United States of America on Countries like Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Somalia. All of these countries having a Muslim background, people started calling this order as Trumps Muslim Ban. The first executive order got issued on January 27 in the year 2017. If citizens from these countries have a spouse, Fiancé, Parent, child or sibling in America are allowed in America. Fiancés were not included in the list previously then later trump changed his decision and included Fiancés too.

The reason for the ban:

The President of the United States of America stated that he does not want terrorists from entering the country. He has banned all those countries which the previous 44th President of the country Barack Obama had listed down. Trump says that it is not a Muslim ban as the media portrays it to be, it is not about religion. It is about preventing a potential terrorist from entering the country.

Trump also says that he honors the brave men who fought and sacrificed their lives in the 9/11 which is an unforgettable incident. To prevent such incidents from happening again and to honor the dead Trump says that he remembers them and is now putting it into action by bringing the executive order.

Executive order 13769:

The Executive order 13769 issued for 90 days was from seven countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. Once this decree got issued, about 700 travelers got detained, and about 60,000 visas got revoked. The executive order 13769 had many oppositions, and the courts lifted this ban. Later Executive order 13780 was issued.

Executive order 13780:

The Executive order 13780 issued by Donald trump on 6th March 2017. The Executive order 13780 was called the politically correct version. In this decree, Iraq got excluded from the ban.

US Senator has commented regarding the ban that this will give more reason for the ISIS to target the country. But many do feel that Trump has taken the right decision in the issuing this travel ban order.